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Aveiro Tour

Aveiro is a charming village on the south west coast, also called the Venice of Portugal renowned by its canals navigated by colorful slim boats. Enjoy a local guided city tour and take a boat ride around the town canals. Discover the local products by visiting the salt lagoons and explore Portuguese traditions at Costa Nova while having a coffee on the beach and breathe the ocean breeze.

  • Duration: 10 - 12 hours
  • Price: 85€
Included in the tour:
  • Costa Nova excursion
  • Traditional lunch
  • Local guided city tour
  • Salt lagoon visit

The Tour

Aveiro has a large history which is closely linked to sea trade, fishing and saltwater lagoons, where natural salt production takes place. By foot and by boat you will have time to discover the Portuguese Venice. Your local guide is going to show you places where only a few people go. Explore insider tips of Aveiro´s art scene, handmade porcelain and astonishing portuguese architecture in this true outdoor museum.

Relax on a boat ride in one of the gondolas, called barcos moliceiros, that are traditionally used to harvest seaweed. Enjoy a traditional lunch at a local restaurant before we take you to the salt lagoons nearby the town center. It is even possible to take a bath in one of the salt pools – so prepare your swimsuit.

Next stop on our tour is Costa Nova, a getaway holiday location for many Portuguese generations. You will be charmed by this colorful wooden houses painted with strips of white and bright colors which used to be shelters for fishermen. Not far away you will see Portugal´s tallest lighthouse, the Barra Light. Enjoy your free time at the beach!

Before we head back to Porto you must try Aveiro´s regional pastries, ovos moles, in which eggs and sugar are magical, a little Portuguese piece, that you will never forget the taste!

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